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Chris – Baker by name & Baker by Trade

Danish Pastry

The Baker Connection

Chris has been baking in Henley for over 35 years and many ask what is the connection with Lawlors…and Chris The Baker?   Well here goes…

Chris worked at Lawlors Bakery the family business, from a young age and has seen many changes.  He worked nights for many years alongside some great Bakers who helped develop his style.

Back in the 80’s and 90’s Lawlors had two shops in Henley which many will remember, one in Reading Road the other in Market Place Mews. Their Lardy cakes & fresh cream doughnuts were were said to “die for!”. 

Chris Baker

Chris now bakes from a bake-house in the centre of Henley whilst ‘Lawlors Bakery’ still supplies local pubs, restaurants & shops.

Chris’s Mum, Anne Baker, is a well known figure in Henley as is her business partner Mike Lawlor. His sister Nicola Taylor also works there, delivering & baking the cakes.  Chris’s Dad, Nick Baker also helps out delivering too.

Setting up shop during lockdown

Chris The Baker pop up shop was set up as a result of Covid-19 and the changes we found ourselves in overnight. Pubs & restaurants closed and the market place changed.

Our friends were always asking for our bread and asking us to set up a shop. So on March 20th 2020 we did!  The support has been amazing and we could never of imagined how well it would of been received.

We have been lucky enough to meet (from a distance!) some lovely people & receive amazing messages daily which, make the early mornings in the bake house worth it.

We are not sure what the immediate future holds but are hoping the ‘shop local’ will continue and we look forward to supplying many of you with our bread and buns.

By Chris and Gayle Baker