From designer jewellery to second hand clothes

Why not try a risk free 4 products listing (FREE) and then  get selling more than 4 products to local buyers in Henley on Thames?

Henley Circle Free Listing Subscription

(0p per item)

Henley Circle Showcase Subscription

£3.95 / month
(50p per item)

Henley Circle Bronze Subscription

£6.95 / month
(35p per item)

Henley Circle Silver Subscription

£9.95 / month
(21p per item)

Henley Circle Gold Subscription

£12.95 / month
(18p per item)


Just Listing – Free
Showcase – £3.95 / month
Bronze – £6.95 / month
Silver – £9.95 / month
Gold – £12.95 / month

Frequently Asked Questions

You are eligible if you meet one of the criteria below:

  • Already have an independent small  business with an RG9 postal address.
  • Own a shop in the RG9 postal district (even if you have a shopping site already).
  • Live in the RG9 postal district.
  • Regularly trade at the local Henley Markets.
  • A registered RG9 charity.
  • Live in a neighbouring village to RG9 and have a history of supplying businesses in RG9.
  • Live (not work) in a village adjacent to RG9 and produce items themselves i.e. not products sourced for resale.  Acceptance is at the discretion of Henley Circle.
  • Contact us and ask about a free subscription if you are a local school, charitable organisation, new start-up or simply struggling to get an online shopping portal 🙂

(Acceptance is dependent on the type of product or service you wish to sell, how it can benefit the community and at the discretion of Henley Circle.)

You have no doubt had a look at the products available for customers to buy.  There are both hand crafted and retail items galore.  You don’t have to be an established business to sell your products and may be venturing into selling online for the first time.  We encourage new cottage industries as well as welcoming established businesses.  Sellers may already have a number of selling portals and if so, all we require is you offer the same terms and prices as those.

You can also link your products to existing ones you have for sale elsewhere.

Recently service professionals such as beauty, hairdressing and golfing, have been invited to sell physical gift vouchers via Henley Circle. This will entail taking a payment and sending a voucher in the post that can be redeemed in person or on the site.

We cannot help you advertise some second hand items such as electrical appliances or anything that could contravene trading standards laws.  We are still growing and will simply let you know if your item presents a problem.

You can sell physical vouchers that can be posted.

Services such as beauty, hairdressing, fitness instruction, golf lessons etc., can sell physical gift vouchers via Henley Circle. This will entail setting up a product listed as a gift voucher or experience.  Once the order is made you send the physical card filled out with a code you can easily generate after the sale for use on your HC Store, physical store or, just a stand alone card with the details of the experience plus your contact details to book.  You can also sell cards that can be used in your physical shop.

You can link your products on Henley Circle to corresponding ones on your own site by setting them up as Affiliate Product types.  Simpley add all the details and paste the link in where stated.  You then add your own short text (e.g. BUY @ OUR SITE) for the button.  If you don’t have a site you can past a link to your social profile or a supplier of your products.

At the moment is is free.

Henley Circle store owners will be charged a monthly fee at some point depending on how many products they list.  During certain Covid tiers this has been free and will be for as long as possible.  For up to 8 products it will be free for 6 months for new startups.  Prices will range from £4.95 up to £14.95 per month for 10, 24 and 60 products.

Customers can add products to their shopping basket and checkout in the usual way when ordering online.  They can add products from different Sellers and pay for them in one transaction.

The order details are sent to each Seller that has an item in the order individually. The customer will receive a confirmation of their entire order and also a transaction email from PayPal.

Yes you can.  The system allows for Sellers to designate a postal area they are willing to deliver to.  You can set charges for small orders and free delivery for a minimum spend.  Please follow Covid Distancing Rules at all times.

Yes they can. You can have multiple shipping methods for deliveries and collection. Please use Covid Distancing Rules at all times
Yes you can.  You can deliver to any where in the UK by weight or a flat rate.  The charges will be presented to the customer on the cart so they can select a mothod.  You can choose any delivery service such as Royal Mail or Hermes etc. Please use Covid Distancing Rules at all times.

You will need a Business PayPal account and all we need is your associated email address. Your payment goes straight to your Business PayPal immediately minus their usual fees (currently 2.6% plus 20p per transaction).  e.g. £10.00 = £9.54

Each Seller has a login to their Dashboard where you can set up your Store front with a logo, banner, address, contact details, social media links, biography and more.  Once that is done you can start adding your products with images, descriptions, prices and stock.  You can choose to keep stock levels or supply on demand.  You can also put products on sale, create discounts and shopping voucher codes to use on your store.

Yes you can.  There is always friendly and encouraging technical support available by telephone, email, direct message and even screen sharing.

Via your store’s Dashboard.

You can print Delivery slips with order notes and invoices for your records.  You must also mark your orders as dispatched once they have left your premises or have been collected by the customer so they know their goods are on the way.

As the seller you are responsible for any orders you recieve.  PayPal does offer protection to both buyer and seller when payment is made via a PayPal account and lesser when a customer pays by card.  Henley Circle will step in to help remedy any disputes if appropriate and helpful to do so.

Although there are Terms and Conditions for sales on the site, PayPals comprehensive coverage is well known and respected.

Register on the site first to be able to apply

Register on the site first to be able to apply – Scroll down for FAQS

This is required for direct payments from customers
Sellers outside of RG9 must have a history of selling or servicing the postal district.