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Become a Seller/Vendor

If you live or have a business in the RG9 postal district and can provide food or other products of interest that are less than £260 individually, you can sell on Henley Circle.  If you are feeling entrepreneurial, run a pub, restaurant or cafe you can list your items and start taking orders for pickup and delivery. Henley Circle is free during lock down and can help small businesses and startups sell online with the technical support to do so.

If you are outside the RG9 postal district you may still be eligible for a free storefront if you have a history of selling or servicing the area. Acceptance is dependent on the type of product you wish to sell, how it can benefit the community and at the discretion of Henley Circle.

Please use the form below to ask about becoming a seller and please note availability is limited to 50 stores for the time being.

Vendor Request
Please fill out this form to be considered for a Vendor Account. All applications are dealt with on an individual basis. You may be emailed or telephoned for further information to support your application.
Sellers outside of RG9 must have a history of selling or servicing the postal district.

List of COVID Subscription
features for sellers:

  • Tech and admin support to setup your shop
  • Postcode area defined deliveries with and/or without charge (don’t panic😁).
  • Take card payments via Stripe
  • Postcode area defined pickup.
  • Sell to the rest of the UK
  • Up to 50 products in store.
  • Maximum single product value £260.00.
  • Set minimum order amount for deliveries.
  • Define your area outside of RG9 as long as you also cover RG9.
  • Shareable storefront buttons to anywhere.
  • Sell anything useful
  • Download & print delivery notes and invoices.
  • Outline delivery terms and conditions.
  • Links to social profiles.
  • Get email notifications of orders.
  • Brand your storefront page.
  • Contact seller form on your store.

Post Lock Down Monthly Subscription Prices - First Month Free


£ 4
per month
  • 12 Listings
  • Commission Free


£ 7
per month
  • 24 Listings
  • Commission Free


£ 9
per month
  • 48 Listings
  • Commission Free


$ 10
per month
  • 72 Listings
  • Commission Free