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Julie Mullins and Saltie Soaks

I’m Julie Mullins and I am the Founder of Saltie Soaks, and also Your Happy Horse which is a unique, complementary therapy for horses that helps with all physical, emotional and psychological issues.

When you work with horses (or any animal), there can be no placebo effect. You either see the results or you don’t! So when owners see how well their horse responds to the therapy, they then book appointments for themselves.

The first thing I recommend to all my clients is to have a bath using one of my Saltie Soaks bags. Use the entire contents in one bath, soak for up to 20 minutes and shower off before going to bed, and you’ll get a great night’s sleep. When the first lockdown started, myself and a group of other Pranic Healers made up hundreds of similar bags which were given to hospital staff dealing with Covid-19. I’ve also donated some to various local charities, and regularly use them myself.

The demand for the salt bags grew throughout lockdown, and it wasn’t long before I decided to make them available to everyone. I extended the range to include gift boxes which have everything you need for a relaxing soak in the bath: a bag of salt infused with either Lavender or Tea Tree, a floating candle and a bottle of shower gel. These can be purchased exclusively through the Henley Circle Shop, and make the perfect present for a loved one.

Julie Mullins