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Lost & Found, finding the perfect candles

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How Lost & Found Candles began

It all started trying to track down candles the right height for my dining table. Not one of life’s biggest problems I grant you but, too small and open and you risk setting your napkin on fire (I’ve seen this happen twice, easily done when you’ve had a glass of wine!). Too tall and it’s at that annoying level where you can’t talk properly to the person sitting opposite. Then one of my closest friends Janet (see Decoupage Days on here for more of her creativity) decided to create candles using old sherry glasses and bingo, problem solved (and super cute candles too).

Emma, Lost & Found Candles

I had a go at making my own sherry glass candles and found the whole experience rather therapeutic, further spurred on by the comments they’d get from friends when they were round for dinner. That’s when I decided to make them for others to enjoy, taking the hassle (and mess!) out of finding vintage glasses then melting and pouring wax into them.

Charities benefit too

Finding them has its own rewards. The majority of them come from charity shops, which has an added bonus of giving money to deserving causes. A lot of them have so far come from the Sue Ryder sales up in Nettlebed but as they’ve now sadly ended I do get a bit panicky about finding more! The charity shops in and around Henley still continue to be a great source too. Some have even been donated by kind folk who had them lying around at the back of a cupboard gathering dust. It’s really rather fun finding glasses of all shapes and sizes (thought the smallest ones are the best and they burn for a surprisingly long time) and turning them into candles. A new lease of life for the glasses, and whether they’re on their own or in a group, they create a rather cosy glow when lit.

Environmentally friendly and vegan

It’s not the end when the wick burns out either. The up-cycling turns into recycling. Return them and they can be refilled time and time again, and with different coloured wax and fragrances too.

I use soy wax because it burns for the longest as easier to clean off however it has the added bonus of being vegan-friendly as it’s derived from vegetables. All the fragrances are natural oils too, as I think they give a better scent.

These unique little gems have already debuted at their first wedding, and another is on the horizon which is really great, as the bride and groom can choose colours and fragrances to suit them, and even the style of glass if they want to.

That’s the great thing about these candles, you can fill plainer glasses for a more modern look or go for the more intricate crystal-cut ones for a vintage feel. It feels good knowing these glasses might be sat at the back of a cupboard gathering dust otherwise, and it doesn’t matter if it’s one glass or a set of glasses I find, as they can all be mixed and matched to suit.

Presentation is key and also environmentally friendly

It’s worth mentioning all candles come gift boxed and all the gift packing used has been sourced to ensure it’s made using recycled paper and cardboard. It can all go back into your weekly collection too. It’s all about minimising waste and our impact on the world.

All of the candles for sale on my Lost & Found Henley Circle Store aren’t available anywhere else, so please do check out the store and if you have any questions, do get in touch.