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Flamingo Lampshade

£28.00 HoT Creative

Large Teapot (3L)

£59.00 Mugs, Jugs & More

No. 2 Christmas Citrus & Spice – 20cl Soy Candle

£22.00 BamBam Rocks Designs

Personalised Year Accessory Bag

£10.00 HoT Creative

Whole Gutted Fresh Trout 300g

£3.50 Brookleas Fish Farm

Smokin’ HoT Date – Smoked Chocolate Habanero and Date HoT Sauce 150ml

£4.70 Johnny HoT Stuff

Samla Tribe Cleanser/Moisturiser

£15.00 Candela

Tao Red Floral Cushion Cover

£10.00 Talara Cushions & Throws

Felted Ballerina for Mum

£18.00 Ethical and Eco Gifts

Personalised Initials Accessory Bag

£15.00 HoT Creative

Marlborough Cushion Cover

£12.00 Talara Cushions & Throws

Sundance Yellow Cushion Cover

£12.00 Talara Cushions & Throws

Three Towns Accessory Bag

£10.00 HoT Creative

Unique Iridescent Green and Black Recycled Glass Pendant

£20.00 Candela

Time to relax soft grey candles in vintage sherry glasses

£14.00 Lost & Found Candles

Felted lilac fairy

£22.00 Ethical and Eco Gifts

Mini Cross Body Bag/Messenger Bag Linen with Chinese Flowers

£20.95 Janet Art

Piped Ika Sorbet Cushion Cover

£15.00 Talara Cushions & Throws

Sticky Marmalade Flapjack

£3.50 Rachael's Larder

Eat Sleep Poop Baby Change Bag

£15.00 HoT Creative

Phoebe Plum Cushion Cover

£12.00 Talara Cushions & Throws

Personalised Initials Cushion

£29.00 HoT Creative

Ring of Fire Dried Chillies 20g

£3.00 Johnny HoT Stuff

Hot Smoked Trout Large 220g

£5.15 Brookleas Fish Farm