Chiltern Lamb

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Chiltern Lamb

Chiltern Lamb produces lean, well flavoured meat that is entirely grass fed. Allowing our sheep to grow at a natural rate and mature gradually without forced, intensive feeding, results in an excellent quality, flavoursome meat.

We currently have eight different breeds of sheep – Jacob, Black Welsh, Balwen, Torrdu-Badger Face, Portland, Herdwick, Devon and Cornwall Longwool and Soay. Rare breeds have become rare because they are not regarded as commercially viable. They take much longer to reach maturity than those most widely used in commercial sheep rearing. By using these breeds we are contributing to the national effort to save them from extinction. They are also a critical part of our land conservation management. And judging by the numerous Michelin star establishments that take our meat, this shows through in the flavour.

Our lambs are at least eight months old and typically 10 months before they go for slaughter. This compares with the four to five months that is typical for commercial lamb production for the supermarkets and most butchers. This results in a very lean meat with great flavour. Following slaughter, the carcases are hung for a week to mature contributing to the intense flavour we pride ourselves for. We can also supply Hogget and Mutton meat on request. For more information please visit our website

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