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Hidden Smile

Hidden Smile masks are 100% cotton, environmentally-friendly fashion facemasks with an ingenious ‘pocket’ design.

Each Hidden Smile mask is made from soft cotton, with a plain colour or a stylish print on the outside and a plain white cotton piece against the face.  Between the two pieces of cotton is a ‘pocket’ which holds a disposable folded-paper medical facemask.

Our facemasks are more interesting, stylish and comfortable than wearing the paper facemasks on their own.

You also look less like an extra from Holby City.

And because the disposable mask is enclosed in the ‘pocket’, and in particular not directly exposed either to dirt or to the moisture of the mouth, the disposable mask lasts much longer before being sent to landfill – this is the major environmental benefit of the mask.

The Hidden Smile cotton facemask can then be thrown in your usual laundry, at up to 60C, or else quickly handwashed and dried overnight to be super fresh the next day.

Why have the disposable mask inside?  Well, any woven fabric, even our relatively fine, soft cotton, is full of holes at a microscopic level, and the paper insert provides much more filtration.

Also, the disposable masks have a thin metal strip along their top edge, which allows you to ‘mould’ the shape of the mask to the contours of your own face, ensuring as much as possible your breathing passes through the disposable insert and the two layers of fine cotton.

Please note that Hidden Smile is not a medical facemask solution.  Whilst clearly our masks, and the disposable insert, both provide some barrier protection, and certainly will help to some extent to avoid passing on your own germs to others by ‘catching your coughs’, we make no medical claims for our facemasks.  Please check local guidance wherever you are in relation to the wearing of non-medical facemasks.

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